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Display targeted banner advertisements in your store.
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The banner ads management module provides close integration with LiveCart, which allows to target the advertisements to specific products, categories or manufacturers.

The module supports multiple advertisers, campaigns and each campaign may consist of several banner ads. Currently the banner ads can only be managed by site admin, but future releases will allow the advertisers to manage the campaigns themselves.

Each campaign can be configured to run between specified dates. Ad display and click statistics are being tracked as well.

The module supports display "zones", which allow to easily create banner display placeholders in any part of the store.


Campaign configuration - it is possible to set start and end date as well as select for which categories, products or manufacturers to display the banners of this campaign.

Banner can be an image, Flash file or HTML code. When adding a banner, you can specify in which page "zone" it will be displayed.

Banner in store frontend


Free modules do not come with guaranteed developer support.

Instructions for module installation

  1. Upgrade to version if you're still using an older version
  2. Please make sure that the following repository is enabled in your LiveCart settings:
  3. Open the module management section at your LiveCart store back-end
  4. Click "Add new modules" and select the module from the list
  5. Now click the "Install" button and you're done!