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Multiple Warehouses

Adds support for multiple warehouses. Orders are split into shipments based on product availability at particular warehouses. Each warehouse can have it's own delivery zones and shipping rates. Well suited for drop-shipping purposes.
Price per license: 199.00€
one-time fee!

As the module name suggests, it makes LiveCart capable of supporting multiple warehouses. This is helpful when different products are located in and shipped from different geographical locations. With this module they can be sold at the same store and customers may purchase products from different warehouses with the same order and payment.

Each product can be listed in one or several warehouses. Inventory is being tracked for each warehouse separately (if inventory tracking is used). If a product is listed in multiple warehouses, LiveCart attempts to arrange items to be shipped from the same warehouse if possible.

Each warehouse can have their own delivery zones, so it is possible to configure which shipping destination areas are covered by each warehouse. For example, the US warehouse can serve only North American destinations, European warehouse can only serve Europe, etc. Each warehouse can also define their own shipping rates.

This module is also well suited for dropshipping - in such case each supplier can be defined as a warehouse.


Add a new warehouse. It is necessary to include warehouse address if real-time shipping rate calculation will be used for this warehouse.

Each delivery zone can be assigned to one or more warehouses

Stock level can be defined for each warehouse separately

The product page includes information about which warehouses have the particular product in stock

When purchasing products from different warehouses, the order is split into multiple shipments and shipping method can be choosed from those that are available for the particular warehouse.

Order confirmation page also displays each shipment separately

In the order administration section the admin can see which shipment is shipped from which warehouse


All paid modules come with an unlimited Standard level support plan for 1 month (only for module related inquiries).

Restrictions Of Use

Each commercial module license can be used with only one LiveCart installation.

Future updates

All future updates for commercial modules will be available free of charge.

Instructions for module installation

  1. Upgrade to version if you're still using an older version
  2. Please make sure that the following repository is enabled in your LiveCart settings:
  3. After purchasing the module, enter the domain name of the site where it will be installed at your user account.
  4. Open the module management section at your LiveCart store back-end
  5. Click "Add new modules" and select the module from the list
  6. Now click the "Install" button and you're done!