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Automatically suggest search keywords (search auto-complete)
Price per license: 59.00€
one-time fee!

The search auto-complete feature has gained popularity recently and is present at many websites that involve searching, notably Google. This module adds a similar capability to your LiveCart store.

The data sources for generating the suggested keywords are - product names, SKU's, descriptions and keywords, as well as manufacturer names and category names. It is possible to tweak the "weight" of every data source, for example, if a keyword is found both in manufacturer's name and product's description, the manufacturer is likely to be more relevant than the respective product's name (the visitor is most likely searching for the manufacturer), so it's ranked higher in the list of the returned search keyword suggestions.


Drop-down menu with search keyword suggestions

Configure the "weight" of source data


All paid modules come with an unlimited Standard level support plan for 1 month (only for module related inquiries).

Restrictions Of Use

Each commercial module license can be used with only one LiveCart installation.

Future updates

All future updates for commercial modules will be available free of charge.

Instructions for module installation

  1. Upgrade to version if you're still using an older version
  2. Please make sure that the following repository is enabled in your LiveCart settings:
  3. After purchasing the module, enter the domain name of the site where it will be installed at your user account.
  4. Open the module management section at your LiveCart store back-end
  5. Click "Add new modules" and select the module from the list
  6. Now click the "Install" button and you're done!