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About Integry Systems

Our Aim

Our main goal is to provide an e-commerce solution, that is so flexible that it can grow together with your online business instead of imposing arbitrary boundaries. Another aim that goes hand-in-hand with the main goal is to create an e-commerce ecosystem, which can be customized and enriched by 3rd party add-ons.

Very few companies get the flexibility done right, because it is so complex. We have worked very hard to embrace it. All LiveCart architecture design decisions have been made from multiple perspectives, keeping in mind that different implementations require different solutions.


LiveCart is brought to you by UAB Integry Systems, a privately held company in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Integry Systems was established in early 2006 by Rinalds Uzkalns, who had previously founded Turn-K.net - a successful turnkey website software company.

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