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29 January 2009 Design a LiveCart theme for a free license!

A new ongoing free license offer is available! We're giving away free licenses in exchange to newly developed LiveCart themes.

17 January 2009 Easy LiveCart CSS Styling with Firebug

The LiveCart version 1.2.2 introduces a revamped, more integrated Live Customization mode and a powerful addition to its toolset - ability to modify CSS styling directly from Firebug.

2 December 2008 New features in LiveCart 1.2.1

Although the version 1.2.1 includes many new additions and improvements, the two most important ones that we're going to look at are product variations and ability to ship an order to multiple addresses.

19 September 2008 New features in LiveCart 1.2.0

The new 1.2.0 version include a number of new and interesting features that are worth having a more detailed look at, to get a better idea of what they are about and whether they would be useful for your store.

8 November 2007 Near Future Roadmap

We often receive questions regarding upcoming functionality additions, so we're providing a rough road-map of the near future LiveCart releases within this blog post.

24 October 2007 Translate LiveCart and get a free license!

LiveCart has been created to work with any language, so it has excellent i18n and l10n capabilities by design. However the capability itself is not enough, and to be able to run shops in different languages, we need the actual translations as well! For this reason we're starting a LiveCart internationalization campaign.

17 May 2007 LiveCart: Introduction

LiveCart is a new PHP/MySQL powered shopping cart software developed by Integry Systems.