Special Offer

29 January 2009 Design a LiveCart theme for a free license!

A new ongoing free license offer is available! We're giving away free licenses in exchange to newly developed LiveCart themes.

Currently LiveCart has only 3 ready-made themes and we're looking forward to increase this number significantly in the near future. To achieve this, we need your help, so here's our offer. In exchange for a new LiveCart theme we will give an unbranded edition license ($249 value) free of charge!

Rules and guidelines

  • This offer is only available to qualified and experienced website designers.
  • If you're interested in participating in this offer, please contact us beforehand with your design portfolio and a rough idea of the theme design.
  • We're looking for different styles - geared towards certain industries (music, sports, gadgets, motors, etc.) as well as different general styles.
  • New themes should be based on the barebone theme.
  • The new Firebug CSS editor integration makes creating new themes very easy.
  • If you don't already own a LiveCart license, you can download and install a trial version to develop a theme.

What we expect

  • Top quality designs that work on all major browsers, including IE 6.
  • Original work - it is not allowed to copy existing designs. We will retain full copyright of the new theme.
  • Designs should be based on CSS as much as possible, however minor template modifications are permitted if absolutely necessary.
  • Design width should be easily changeable (fluid width) - barebone theme implements this already
  • No images with embedded text should be used (translations must still work).

What you will get

A full featured LiveCart unbranded edition license!

Please contact us if you're interested in participating in this offer.

Just to remind, we have also been giving away free licenses in return for completed language translations, and as a result LiveCart is fully translated to 17 languages today with several new translations coming in every month.