Special Offer

24 October 2007 Translate LiveCart and get a free license!

LiveCart has been created to work with any language, so it has excellent i18n and l10n capabilities by design. However the capability itself is not enough, and to be able to run shops in different languages, we need the actual translations as well! For this reason we're starting a LiveCart internationalization campaign.

At the moment LiveCart has been fully translated into at least 10 languages. See the full list of completed translations.

We're looking to expand the range of languages LiveCart is available in, so we're offering a free license to anybody, who would translate LiveCart into his or her native language.

There are about 2000 string entries and 8 e-mail templates to translate (including both frontend and backend areas), so the translation would take a few hours to complete. For this reason, please contact us first before starting to work on the translation (to make sure somebody isn't doing that already).

Translations can be prepared using the free trial version, which everyone can download at no cost and install on their own server or computer. The translation process itself is very easy and convenient using the LiveCart translation tools.

No language is too small - the offer applies to Chinese, Spanish as well as Faroese translations. If you would like to take this offer and receive a free license of LiveCart in return of a translation into your language, please send us an e-mail to info@livecart.com.

Update: how to prepare the translations

Since we already have some translators on board, it's time for more detailed instructions on how to carry out the translation.

  1. Download and install LiveCart trial version
  2. In your LiveCart installation, add the language you're going to translate
  3. Enable modification of back-end language files from the Settings -> Configuration area
  4. Complete the translation of language files. You can skip the files inside the /backend/Settings directory.
  5. Review the translation by going over the front-end and back-end pages, to make sure that translations match the actual context. You can make changes to translations directly from the pages using the Live Translation tool (front-end only).
  6. Click Export language files to download a zip file with prepared language file translations
  7. Also translate the e-mail templates
  8. The translated e-mail template files will be located in the /storage/customize/view/email/lang directory. Please put these files in another archive file.
  9. E-mail us both archive files (language translations and e-mail templates). We will send you your LiveCart license information as soon as we have received and reviewed the translations.