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One of the most significant advantages of LiveCart over competing solutions is it's powerful and effective administrator backend, which provides total control over every part of your store.

We have made a good use of modern technologies and approaches like AJAX to create a pleasant administration experience (sounds weird, indeed). This is a surprising contrast with some of the other shopping solutions for which the admin part seems to be created almost as an aftertought.


AJAX is used everywhere we found it would make things easier. You can stay focused on your work, as page reloads are not necessary any longer to complete most tasks. Some examples:

  • Product, customer and user data navigation is a pageless list, which can easily be searched, filtered and sorted in every imaginable way.

  • Move and reorder operations are completed by real-time drag-and-drop
  • Tab-based navigation allows to switch back and forth between different contexts easily. For example, you can edit product descriptions, then switch to Images tab to upload an image, and switch back to continue editing the descriptions.

Other Feature Highlights

  • Obviously - complete control and management tools for all of your data
  • Multiple administrators are supported. Fine-grain backend access permissions for different types of administrators - so an administrator that is managing products couldn't process orders or modify page templates. The access can be limited not only by backend areas (order management, product management, etc.) but also by actions, so an admin can be allowed to view particular information but not allowed to change it.
  • WYSIWYG product description editor.
  • Many configurable options.
  • Very easy to enter translations for multi-lingual content (for example, product description in multiple languages)
  • Available in multiple languages.
  • and much, much more

Help Documentation

We have prepared an end user documentation that should help whenever there are uncertainties on how to accomplish a particular task. And whenever a tricky situation arises, that is not covered by the user manual, our support team will be happy to help.

And there's this tiny little Help link at the top of every page in the backend area, which is linked to the respective help manual page - so the help information is always easy to find.