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LiveCart provides great shopping experience for your customers out of the box.

Improved Usability

The default store layout is clean and simple and has been crafted by sticking to common usability and e-commerce conventions. LiveCart provides clean page flow, as well as distraction free and intuitive shopping experience out of the box.

Convenient Navigation

LiveCart offers simple and powerful product searching and filtering capabilities that make it easy for customer to find exactly the product he or she is looking for. Customer can filter the product catalog using pre-defined filters that are based on the custom attributes. For example, if the customer is looking for a notebook, that has at least 15" display and a DVD writer, you can make it easy for customer to filter the product list to only show the products that match customer's requirements. Most of the leading e-commerce stores, like Amazon, Dell, Sears, CompUSA and others provide this option and now you can, too. Filters can be applied and removed with a single click of a mouse.

In addition, the products can also be filtered by brand and by a price range.

Navigation breadcrumb always shows what part of the store customer is currently at and allows to easily return to higher level categories in catalog hierarchy.

Fast Loading Pages

LiveCart is one of the fastest available shopping cart solutions of similar complexity. A significant effort has been put into optimizing LiveCart for speed. The less your customers have to wait for your store pages to load, the more likely that purchase will be made.

Effective Product Search

Search product names and descriptions using keywords. Search can be carried out through all store products or only within a particular category.


Wishlists provide a convenient way for customers to bookmark items that they would like to purchase at a later time. Items can easily be moved back and forth between wishlist and shopping basket.

Customers are always given a choice to add a product to either shopping cart or wishlist, so even if they are not ready to purchase the product right away, they can at least add the product to their wishlist and purchase the product at a later time.

Easy Checkout

The checkout process is wizard-based, clean and distraction free. Customer can easily move back and forth the checkout steps without losing the information that has already been entered.

A new customer is not forced to register to complete the order. Instead a new account is created automatically using the information gathered during the checkout process.

The checkout is very quick for returning customers as their shipping and billing addresses are remembered.

Customer Self Service Area

Using customer self-service area, customers can:

  • view their past orders and current order status.
  • print order invoices.
  • download files for digital orders.
  • change personal information, manage addresses, change account password.

Customer Support System

Customers can contact store representatives with questions regarding their orders by submitting a form from the self-service area (a lightweight support ticket system). Store admin will see the question at backend and send response. The response will be both e-mailed to customer as well as added to ticket message thread.

Speak Their Language

Customers can choose the language they would like to see the product information in. You can prepare your catalog in as many languages as you wish.

Customers can also choose the currency to see the product prices in. This makes shopping more convenient for foreign customers as they can see the product prices in their native currency. They can also complete the checkout and submit payment in the selected currency.