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Easily locate and edit page templates

Integrated template editor

The design of LiveCart store pages can be customized with ease.

Template Based Page Layout

You do not need to be a programmer to modify the design of your store. Our unique point-and-click template editor allows to locate template files for particular page blocks within a single click of a mouse over the particular page area. The template system is powered by the popular Smarty engine, so knowing HTML is enough to edit the templates.

LiveCart includes an full-featured integrated template code editor, so the page templates can be modified directly from admin backend.

LiveCart templates generate a valid XHTML code out of the box.


It is often possible to make design changes by changing the CSS stylesheet alone. We rely on CSS heavily, so the templates only generate a semantically meaningful XHTML structure (which is as minimal as possible) and all the layout is actually organized and formatted by a CSS stylesheet.

It also makes it possible to apply different styling to each and every page individually - even for different product pages, because different class names are assigned to the main page container element, which enables to style different pages differently without any template changes and hacks.

Live Translation

Another unique solution provided by LiveCart is the point-and-click translation tool that allows to translate or edit many texts and captions of your store pages.

Static Pages

Create unlimited number of custom pages to hold your contact information, shipping information, terms of service, etc.