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Excerpt from LiveCart source code

Excerpt from database schema diagram

PHP 5 and MySQL

Built on top of the hugely popular PHP + MySQL stack. LiveCart comes with full source code, so any modifications are possible.

MVC-based Architecture

Strong and done-right architecture that embraces best practices and enables to customize and scale your store with ease.

LiveCart source code is entirely object oriented and is structured into an MVC (Model-View-Controller) based architecture, which enforces code separation by responsibility and makes it easier to make changes.

The models (business objects, like products, users and orders) are implemented using the ActiveRecord pattern, which makes it easy to write custom scripts for object manipulation or integration in other software.

Powerful Plugin System

Almost everything in LiveCart can be extended with plugins. In most cases, there would be no need to change the underlying code to add your own functionality.

Powerful plugin architecture that allows to extend or change application or business logic without a need to modify the application code. Plugins also make it easier to integrate other applications.

The plugin system allows:

  • intercept application and business logic changes
  • add new payment handlers
  • add real-time shipping rate calculators
  • output manipulation

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Flexible Page Layout Control

LiveCart output is valid XHTML.

Page output is completely separated from application logic. LiveCart uses Smarty template engine to handle page output generation (views).

Extensive Documentation

Full source code and database structure documentation is available, as well as a special developers manual.