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Data Import and Export

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Learn how easy it is to switch from your current shopping cart software to LiveCart.

LiveCart allows to easily import and export data in and out of your store.

Import from Other Shopping Carts

LiveCart supports complete data import from a number of shopping cart programs (X-Cart, osCommerce, etc.). We strive to make it possible to transfer every possible type of data. Usually the following data is directly importable into LiveCart:

  • Products and inventory
  • Category structure
  • Orders
  • Customer accounts
  • Images and translations
  • Customer address books
  • Manufacturers

Full list of supported shopping cart software

Import Products and Categories with CSV

Products and categories can also be imported from a CSV file (comma or tab-separated values). CSV files are exportable from most database management systems (for example, MySQL via phpMyAdmin), as well as spreadsheet software (for example, Excel) and other software.

Export Data to CSV File

Besides all the import functionality, LiveCart also allows to export product, user and order data to a CSV file.

Using LiveCart API

When you need the most power and flexibility, you can use LiveCart API directly. LiveCart API is accessible via PHP code - you can freely use LiveCart classes for any kind of data manipulation or other tasks.