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Inventory Management

LiveCart supports automated inventory tracking for all shippable products. If you decide not to use inventory tracking, it can be easily disable at any time.

Handling Inventory Stock

Items are deducted from inventory (reserved) only when customer completes the checkout and actually orders the items. In case the order is later cancelled, the items are automatically released back to inventory.

Handling Out Of Stock Items

Items that are out of stock:

  • can be automatically disabled and no longer displayed until they are restocked;
  • stay visible, but do not accept orders until the items are back in stock;
  • stay visible and accept back-orders for the out-of-stock items;

LiveCart can also be configured to display "low-on-stock" message at product detail page, if there are only a few items left in the inventory.

Digital (Downloadable) Items

LiveCart distinguishes between shippable (tangible) and digital (intagible) items and does not track inventory for downloadable products, so you can sell both shippable and digital products within the same store - even if you use inventory tracking.