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Multiple Languages

Multi-lingual data entry in admin back-end

Translated interface and product information

Live Translation

LiveCart comes with full support for multiple languages. Your store can support several languages at the same time.

Your customers can switch to their own language at any time, from every page.

Everything, including product and category information, can be translated to other languages. LiveCart comes with 19 ready-made language packs that are available out of the box and include administration panel translations:

Easy to Translate

LiveCart also has convenient translation tools included. There are two ways to prepare a translation.

If you need to prepare a completely new translation (if a ready-made language pack is not available), you can use the regular translation tool that is available at LiveCart backend. It is a very powerful translation editor that allows to search for definitions, as well as show which definitions are missing.

To make some quick changes or if you only need to reword some captions or sentences in store frontend, Live Translation tool would allow to change the translations on-the-fly - directly from the user interface.