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Accept Online Payments with LiveCart

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Capturing funds from LiveCart backend

LiveCart provides a hassle-free way of accepting payments online. LiveCart integrates both with credit card processors as well as popular payment systems like PayPal.

Full list of supported payment processors.

Accept Credit Card Payments

With LiveCart you can process credit card payments directly from your store.

LiveCart supports credit card payment authorization and capture. This is useful if it takes a few days to fulfill your orders - you can reserve the amount of funds that cover the order total from customers credit card, but capture the funds when the order is actually being delivered. This feature is also beneficial for complex orders that involve multiple shipments (capture the funds for each shipment as it is being delivered). In addition, some payment processors allow to capture more funds that originally authorized (up to 15% or so), so if there are small changes with the order (like upgrading to a faster shipping method), it is not necessary for the customer to make a second payment to cover the extra charges.

Accept Multiple Payments Per Order

LiveCart allows to accept multiple payments for single order. This is usually needed when significant changes have been made to an order and order total has increased and additional payment is necessary to cover the price difference.

Accept Phone Orders

You can create orders and process credit card payments from LiveCart backend, which allows to process orders received by phone or by mail.

Offline Payments Too

You can also accept offline payments like bank wire transfers or checks. Offline payment can be registered and assigned to order from the LiveCart backend administration area.

Your Payment Processor Not Mentioned Here?

If LiveCart doesn't support your payment processor, we can probably integrate it. Or if you're a programmer, you can probably try it yourself.