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Product attributes

Product image gallery

LiveCart supports unlimited number of products, categories and category levels.

Product Attributes

Define a custom set of product attributes for different product classes (categories). The attributes make it easier for your customers to find the products using the product filtering system or compare similar products.

For example, notebooks would have display size and processor speed as custom attributes, while books would have an ISBN code, cover type and release date.

Product Configuration

Each product can have an image gallery - you can upload as many images for the product as you wish. Image thumbnails are generated automatically.

LiveCart also supports fractional product counts. For example, if your store sells candy, your customers can order 1.5 (or 3.3, etc.) pounds of candy. However, this setting isn't global, so you can still regular products in your store as well - without the risk that somebody would make an order of 1.5 TV sets :)

Shipping weight can be assigned to each product, which makes it possible to calculate weight-based shipping charges and add them to order instantly.

Certain products that require special shipping or handling (oversized, fragile, etc) can be designated to require separate shipment.

Minimum or maximum number of the same product that can be purchased at a time can also be defined.

Downloadable Products

Digital products are supported as well. One product can contain several files (for example, a music album with several MP3 files). It is also possible to limit the file downloads for a certain number of days after the order is completed.

You can sell both downloadable and shippable products within the same store.

Product Navigation

Customers can sort the product list to display the featured products first (default) or by product name, price, sales rank or by date they were added to store (newest arrivals). Product list can be displayed either in list format (one product per row) or as a grid (more compact).

Most of the existing shopping cart solutions offer only two ways for customers to drill down the product database - browsing through categories and using free search. LiveCart introduces the third solution - filtering the product list by product attributes.

Filtering is a very powerful feature that makes direct use of the product specifications. For example, you can make it easy for the customer to filter the list of mobile phones to only display phones that are made by Nokia, weigh less than 90 grams and support EDGE and Bluetooth. Each specification (product type) may define its own set of product filters. In addition, LiveCart also allows allows filtering products by manufacturer or by price range.

Marketing Features

Certain products can be designated as featured to provide more exposure to them. Featured products are displayed above other products in the product list.

Cross- and up-selling by assigning any number of related products that are displayed in the product page. The product page also shows, which products have been purchased together with the particular product most often.