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Shipping Rate Configuration

LiveCart provides a very flexible set of shipping cost calculation methods - you can either use real-time shipping rate calculation or define rates table yourself.

Shipping locations can be separated into zones, which are highly configurable. You may set different shipping rates for different delivery zones.

Shipping weight can be defined for each product separately. Individual products (fragile, over-sized, etc.) can be marked as requiring a separate shipment. Additional per-item shipping surcharges can be defined for products with special shipping requirements.

Real-time Rates

LiveCart is currently integrated with USPS, UPS, Fedex and Canada Post. More real-time shipping rate calculator integrations are coming soon.

Manual Definition of Shipping Rates

Manual definition of the shipping rates based on shipment weight or order total is also supported. It is also possible to provide multiple shipping choices for the customer to choose from.

You can also you both real-time and custom defined rates together, if you wish to provide more shipping choices for your customers.

Shipping Classes

LiveCart also supports shipping classes, which allow to set up different per-item shipping charges for different types of products. For example, a book may cost $5 to ship, while a CD would cost $3.

Shipping Cost Estimation

Customers always prefer to know how much it will cost to ship the order to them without having to start the checkout process and enter personal information. LiveCart offers the option to display estimated shipping charges in the shopping cart page, so customers can instantly see what the order total price is. The shipping price is initially estimated to a default address (configurable), however customers may change it to their state/country/ZIP code from the same page. For registered customers which have entered their address before, the correct shipping cost estimation is being displayed right away.