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Migration to LiveCart

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Learn how easy it is to switch from your current shopping cart software to LiveCart.

The number one reason why store owners tend to stick with their old shopping cart systems is that it is usually a great pain to transfer all the data from one system to another. Even if the old system has flaws that are costing sales or it is not quite able to grow together with your business, the difficulties in switching to another system in most cases seem larger than the possible benefits.

LiveCart solves a huge part of this problem by providing a very easy and automated way to transfer all data from an existing shopping cart program into LiveCart. All it takes for you is to enter the database information of the old store in LiveCart backend, and LiveCart will handle the data import automatically.

Importable Data

LiveCart will import almost every kind of data:

  • Products and inventory
  • Category structure
  • Orders
  • Customer accounts
  • Images and translations
  • Customer address books
  • Manufacturers

Supported Shopping Cart Software

  • osCommerce
  • ShopScript
  • X-Cart
  • ZenCart

My Cart Is Not Available?

We're constantly adding support for more shopping cart programs, so it is possible that your cart will become available within future releases.

What If I'm Using a Custom Programmed Cart?

It is possible to import products and categories using a CSV file. It is not possible to import other data through CSV file yet, however it can be done by using LiveCart API. If necessary, we can assist with importing your database.