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What is LiveCart?

LiveCart is web-based PHP/MySQL shopping cart which is simple, powerful and easy to use. Using LiveCart you can set up a full-featured web store in just a few minutes and enjoy it for life.

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Learn how to use the Live Customization mode to make store design changes the easy way!

What is so different about LiveCart?

Clean. Simple. And easy. We believe that user experience is everything and that's what LiveCart is all about.
Here are the main aspects that will help you benefit from LiveCart the most:

Usable web store

Sales go down not because of the lack of features but because of cluttered web stores. With LiveCart your customers will experience fast, pleasant and reliable shopping.

Convenient customization

LiveCart offers entirely customizable storefront which is easy to customize by modifying templates directly in the graphical user interface, change themes and even tweak the core of the shop.

Intuitive administration

Web shop administration shouldn't be rocket science and with LiveCart it isn't. LiveCart puts as much attention to it's administrative side which is easy to manage and doesn't require any specific knowledge.


If you are interested in global markets, you can't go wrong with LiveCart because it has the unlimited support of languages, currencies and custom delivery zones.

Hundreds Of Features


To suit your business needs LiveCart assures that there are no unnecessary attributes assigned to products, instead we offer a slick tool that allows you to create your own custom attributes and describe your products as you desire. You can as well create unlimited number of image galleries. And the best part is that there are no limitations whatsoever on the type of products you can sell on your web store.

Quick and easy create almost any kind of attributes
Unlimited number of images
No predefined specifications
Fully supports digital products
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Products search

When it comes to product search, it's a breeze for your customers. Attribute based filters allow users to browse your catalogs by almost any possible attribute.

Unlimited number of filters
Organize search with multiple attributes
3-clicks-away product navigation

Not sure whether to classify your products by brand or price? Do both. Create as many filters as necessary to make the products search fast and easy. Filter criteria can be added or removed at any time of the search.

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Shopping cart

Both the Shopping cart and Wishlist are available for your customers, which have editable quantities and are always saved for future purchase.

Integrated shopping cart and whishlist
Editable product quantities
Easily add or remove products
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The easiest way to keep your customers happy and improve conversions is to provide quick and simple checkout. With LiveCart customers will hardly have to lift a finger to complete their purchase.

Checkout steps are clearly divided into a few short steps
All the most popular payment services
Flexible delivery and tax rules allow automatic shipping carrier's assignment depending on customer's address
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Customer self service

LiveCart worked hard to provide users the best experience alongside with all the necessary self service actions. Your customers will be able to:

Keep track of their orders' statuses
Download digital items
Communicate directly to web store representatives in regard with order issues (built-in messaging system)
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Ecommerce goes International

Using LiveCart you can set up an international web store with different languages, currencies and custom shipping services for particular delivery zones.

Once you prepare product details and interface elements your users will be able to switch languages with one click.

Everything is translatable
Multiple currencies
Custom delivery zones
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It seems that nothing is left out in LiveCart :) But SEriOusly, if your one of the main concerns is how your web store will be indexed by search engines, you will make the right choice with LiveCart.

URL's include keywords
Optimized heading (H1) and title tags
Meta tags
Quick page loads that help with better page indexing
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Product and inventory management

LiveCart's administration side is truly revolutionary because of it's neat and easy-to-use interface.

Data tables have custom columns which allows you to manage products by various attributes
Mass management
Transitional tab-based interface (AJAX based)
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One of the key features implemented in LiveCart is multiple shipment possibility for the same order. This means that you can send goods that are available at the moment and postpone others.

Add or remove items from order at any time until it is shipped
Accept offline orders
Accept offline payments
Accept customer notes and respond in regard with particular issue
View full order's history
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Customization on the fly

Contrary to other shopping carts, LiveCart allows you to modify your web store directly in the front-end using "LiveCustomization" tool which makes it easy to locate templates, edit them and view instant changes.

Template based layout
Live Translation
Custom info pages
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Together with the LiveCart's license, you get a full source code and unlimited extension possibilities to tailor LiveCart as your business requires.

MVC based architecture
Extend almost anything with plugins
Use LiveCart API
Extensive developer documentation is available
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