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LiveCart Upgrades

Each LiveCart license is entitled to free unlimited future version updates and upgrades.

Update-friendly System Architecture

LiveCart has been designed to make updates easy and to minimize possibility that an update might overwrite something you have customized.

This is achieved by the following measures:

  • Modified page templates are stored in a different directory than the original files. It means that even if some template files did change over an update, it won't affect your customized templates.
  • Modified language translations are also stored in a different directory. This still makes it possible to update your language files with new definitions that are added for a new release, but your existing translations will stay intact.
  • Custom content, like product images, is stored in directories that are not affected by updates in any way.
  • The plugins system allows to perform complex changes without modifying the underlying code. This keeps the core system separated from custom changes, so the system remains upgradeable without affecting the changes that were made.

Downloading and Applying Updates

Updates can be installed through the Module and Update panel in the LiveCart backend, which is a fully automated 1-click process.