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Bug fix update available for 1.3.0 version

16 May 2010

LiveCart 1.3.0 release is a long term support release and we expect to provide bug fixes for this version until at least October 31, 2010. This is the 11th update for this version.

The list of the bug fixes for this update can be found below.

And, before you ask, yes - the 1.3.1 version is on the way and will be out (quite) soon.

Update instructions

0) Do not forget to make a full backup before updating!
1) Download the 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 upgrade package from your customer account area
2) Extract the archive over the files and allow overwriting when needed. There is no need to run any additional update scripts.

In case anything goes wrong, do this to revert the update:
1) Download the full installation package for the version
2) Extract the files over the existing installation as described above.

LiveCart change log


  • Product selection performance improvements
  • Random product fetch performance optimization
  • Fixed a few Google Checkout glitches, for example, returned errors in case there were more than one shipping methods with the same name
  • Fixed redirection to search results category
  • Search query is always included in the search keywords input field in all search result pages
  • Product tax display price calculation fixes
  • Product prices were displayed with discounts added twice in some cases
  • Product variation data is passed to payment processors together with product names
  • In some cases the customer account data (e-mail address, etc.) was not fully transfered to payment processor when redirecting to an external payment page
  • Incorrect image URL in Google Base feeds
  • The low stock notification was always displayed in product pages (if enabled), disregarding the actual stock level
  • PHP error message was ocassionally displayed when internally deleting expired session records from database
  • Updated USPS module to work with the changed service names
  • Checkout got into a redirect loop in case 1) the custom order fields were configured to be displayed in the shipping method selection page and 2) there was exactly one shipping method available and LiveCart was configured to select it automatically
  • Avoid notification e-mails from Paypal regarding invalid IPN URLs when using the Express Checkout option
  • Unavailable product variations were not hidden when changing the variation selection in the product page with browsers other than Firefox
  • With some tax configurations, product prices were falsely displayed as discounted in catalog in case tax was deducted from the prices
  • "Stop business rule processing" did not work in some cases
  • "Delivery zone is" business rule condition did not work


  • Changing the shipping weight in bulk from the product grid did not work
  • Custom fields could not be saved
  • Fixed - the template editor in backend was always loading the customized version of the current application theme even when editing the core version of the template
  • Fixed problems with image upload in theme editor
  • In some cases the business rules were processed for completed orders as well, thus displaying the wrong prices in invoices
  • Order total was displayed incorrectly in the backend Shipments tab in case the order total contained any taxes
  • Changed the core behavior of creating orders from backend. Now the newly created orders remain in the "Shopping Carts" section and have to be explicitly "finalized" after the administrator has added products and entered addresses. This allows to keep the price, discount and tax calculation logic exactly the same as when creating orders via regular checkout procedure.
  • Order address management fixes
  • Product images were not copied when making a duplicate of a product
  • Cache is cleaned after changing module status (installation, activation, etc.) to avoid unexpected side effects
  • Existing related product group names were not editable in backend
  • Module template files were not editable
  • Importing record attribute values via CSV file did not work in some cases
  • Skipping CSV file header did not work - the header was always imported as a new record
  • PHP warning message was displayed when importing a CSV file in case no import profiles were created previously
  • Category names in the backend category tree were always displayed in the base language rather than the active language
  • State name was not printed on shipping labels for some countries


  • Fixed module view template loading in cases when the /module directory was mounted outside application root directory
  • Fixed - loading language files for blocks
  • Fixed an issue with exact searches for string values containing foreign characters. This was important, for example, when importing products and in case category name contained a foreign character, it could not be found and the importer created a new category with the same name.
  • View plugin loading from modules
  • Easier loading of module javascript files. For example, including "frontend/Frontend.js" would automatically include file with such name from all modules