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Bug fix update for 1.3.0 version

25 July 2010

LiveCart 1.3.0 release is a long term support release and we expect to provide bug fixes for this version until at least October 31, 2010. This is the 12th update for this version.

It is NOT necessary to apply this update if you upgrade to the 1.3.1 version, because it contains all the fixes already. Only apply it if you keep using the 1.3.0 version.

The list of the bug fixes for this update can be found below.

Update instructions

0) Do not forget to make a full backup before updating!
1) Download the 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 upgrade package from your customer account area
2) Extract the archive over the files and allow overwriting when needed. There is no need to run any additional update scripts.

In case anything goes wrong, do this to revert the update:
1) Download the full installation package for the version
2) Extract the files over the existing installation as described above.

LiveCart change log


  • PHP 5.3 compatibility
  • In some cases when processing order payments in other currencies than the store currency (for example, if a payment processor does not support a particular currency, the amount is converted to a supported currency to process the payment), due to conversion rounding, final amounts were different by 0.01 and therefore an order could be registered as unpaid. Now there's a special check for such situation and the correct payment amounts are set in all cases.
  • In case there are search results by category name, do not automatically redirect to a deeper category if the product results come only from one category, so the category name results are still visible in all cases
  • Bogus warning messages were displayed in shopping cart page when a downloadable product was added to cart if inventory tracking was enabled
  • Business rule bug fixes - conditions for user group and past order testing
  • When redirecting to an external payment processor, LiveCart always passed the state name as abbreviation, which was not available for several countries.
  • Price filters now work for other currencies as well. Previously the filter ranges were still displayed in the default currency even after the active currency was changed. Now the range start and end amounts are automatically converted to the selected currency.
  • Discount display fixes (sometimes the price appeared as discounted even if the price did not actually change)
  • Theme specific template files can now also be targeted with view plugins


  • Sometimes categories disappeared in store frontend after being moved from backend and could only be brought back after running a reindex on the category tree.
  • Saving product option default selection message did not work
  • Applying a fixed amount discount to order altered the displayed shipping price amount in some places
  • Checkbox labels for some custom field types were incorrect
  • In some cases product list could not be scrolled past the first 45 products
  • Saving a newsletter message did automatically send it
  • Added an option to keep pre-1.3.0 version order numbering scheme (numeric database ID)
  • Added ability to import all order products from a single field, for example, SKU1:1:100:1;SKU2::: (product SKU:quantity:price:shipment index - all fields except SKU are optional)
  • CSV import profile could not be loaded for some import types
  • Sometimes when importing images via URL, they were truncated (grey bottom area)

Payment/shipping/other integrations

  • Paypal Website Payments Standard: payment was not registered in LiveCart if payment and order currencies were different
  • Paypal Website Payments Standard: it is now possible to set other currency than USD to convert transaction amount to, if the order currency is not supported by Paypal
  • Fixed a bug in CyberMUT payment method, which caused failed transactions to be registered as successful
  • USPS real time rates were not retrieved for the Priority mail option if a non-flat rate container type was selected in configuration
  • USPS shipping rate calculator did not return any rates for UK addresses
  • Google Analytics passes the order tax amount as well
  • Fixed wrong image URLs in Google Base feeds
  • Google Base XML export file encoding fixes