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License and support plan changes

25 July 2010

We do have three changes at once - the Community Edition is discontinued, a Server Edition is introduced and there are some changes in support plan pricing. Please read further for more details.

Community Edition discontinued

As of July 25, 2010 we're discontinuing further distribution of the free Community Edition of LiveCart.

The main reason for this decision is that the general interest in the Community Edition was much lower than originally expected. With the current usage levels it is unfortunately simply not worthwhile to keep up. Instead we will continue to focus our resources to improving the Professional edition of LiveCart.

Existing users of the Community Edition are welcome to keep using it, however no new releases are planned for now and further distribution of the installation packages is ceased.

Server Edition is introduced

The Server Edition is exactly the same software, however the license allows installing up to 50 copies of LiveCart on the same server. We expect this to be useful for hosting service providers or digital agencies. The price of a Server Edition license is significantly lower than for the same number of single domain licenses.

Changes in support plan pricing

After the recent introduction of additional support plans, we have received lots of feedback and made some changes accordingly. The main issue with the support plans was the time limitation that was allowed for using up the allocated support incidents. We listened and have greatly increased this limitation - the shortest period is now 1 year.

Another change that we made is that the initial license price also includes customer support (as it used to be before the introduction of support plans). The included plan is either up to 10 incidents over the first year or unlimited number of incidents over the first month - customers may decide which option to use. The time period for all plans begins to be counted from the day of the first submitted incident.