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Live Chat support added

27 August 2010

Using our own Live Chat module we have launched another support channel.

Currently there are 3 support departments available:

  • Pre-sales - to ask questions and clarify things before purchasing LiveCart
  • Custom services - for custom development service related inquiries
  • Technical support - any kind of technical support questions. This department is only available for LiveCart license owners with an active support plan.

1 hour of free live technical support is available to all new license owners (for the first license only) - in addition to other support channels (unlimited number of tickets for one month or 15 tickets over a year). The free live support time can be used within the first 2 months of license ownership.

The live technical support is also available to all support plan users, however the amount of available usage is different. The support plan limits are expressed in the number of incidents (tickets), which are equaled to the live support as follows:

Standard plan - 1 incident/ticket equals 5 minutes of live support time
Priority plan - 1 incident equals 10 minutes of live support time
Express plan - 1 incident equals 15 minutes of live support time