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LiveCart 1.1.3 released

17 June 2008

This is a minor release that mostly contains fixes for bugs that have been found since the release of 1.1.2 version. A larger release containing major feature additions is due to be released in about 3 weeks.

LiveCart version 1.1.3 changelog

New translation

  • Swedish

New shipping calculator

  • Canada post

Backend improvements

  • Added ability to export full order details (ordered products, shipping address) to CSV file from backend, which allows to export complete order data to 3rd party systems (accounting, inventory, etc.)
  • Added ability to mark order as paid (or not paid) through a drop down menu, which eases the workflow for stores that receive lots of offline payments as each received transaction doesn't need to be entered in system individually
  • Initial data grid contents are loaded together with the grid itself, so the initial product, order and user management backend sections open faster now
  • Allow HTML code in product names
  • New user account can be created from backend without assigning billing/shipping addresses to that account

Backend fixes

  • Instead of moving only the selected products to a new category, all products of that category were moved instead
  • When adding a related product to a product with a custom SKU, the SKU was reset to a default auto-generated value
  • When uploading images for either category or product, the second uploaded image was always set as the main image
  • Delivery zone management section in backend did not work in French language
  • Fixed a JavaScript error when adding a new product option or viewing category options
  • LiveCart ran out of memory when importing products from CSV with many different categories
  • Fixed a JavaScript error in e-mail template editor
  • User -> Orders tab displayed all orders instead of only displaying orders of the particular user

Frontend fixes

  • Order subtotal was displayed incorrectly when there were two or more applicable taxes
  • Theme-specific CSS files were not loaded on Windows servers
  • PayPal Website Payments Standard module didn't pass the currency value to PayPal
  • An error was raised when subscribing to newsletter with an e-mail address that was already in the database
  • Minor tweaks to the default theme