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LiveCart 1.2.0 is here!

13 September 2008

The long awaited new version of LiveCart is finally complete and is immediately available for download or upgrade from older versions.

The most important addition of this update is the powerful pricing/discount system. It not only offers a way to define prices based on quantity and/or user group for each individual product, but provides a complex and flexible business rule system that supports various kinds of conditions to apply a discount when:

  • certain products (matched by categories, manufacturers or a list of pre-selected products) are present in cart with certain subtotal or quantity;
  • customer belongs to a particular user group or a list of pre-defined users;
  • order address matches a particular delivery zone;
  • customer has entered a coupon code;
  • discounts can be activated for a certain period of time;

Different conditions can be chained and combined in any way. Also for each pricing rule (matching set of discount conditions) there can be one or more discount actions, which define the actual discount amounts. The discounts can be applied either as a fixed amount off order total, a percentage off the order total, or a fixed amount or percentage off selected or matched items.

Although the pricing rule system is very flexible, it still has some limitations at the moment. Discount schemes as "Buy X items and get the cheapest for free" does not yet work, as well as shipping manipulations or basing the conditions on customer's past purchases. Luckily, we have plans for adding these missing pieces immediately (the next version).

This release includes many other useful features, like custom user profile fields (for storing tax ID's, custom contact information, etc.), custom order fields (for customers to enter prefered delivery date, notes, etc.), more browser support for backend, etc. Please read further for full details.

Special upgrade instructions

Upgrading version 1.1.3 to 1.2.0 is slightly different from the usual upgrade process. The exception is that after uploading update files, the database schema update file must be imported into database manually. It can be done by importing the /update/1.2.0/update.sql file into your LiveCart database from phpMyAdmin, command line or your favorite database administration tool.

LiveCart version 1.2.0 changelog

New major features

  • Powerful and advanced pricing/promotions/discount management
  • Quantity and user group based pricing
  • Discount coupons
  • Product bundles
  • Custom user registration fields
  • Custom order fields
  • Product reviews and ratings (configurable rating categories)

New browser support for backend

  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome

Other important additions

  • Custom product lists/selections to highlight certain products in category pages
  • Ability to enter detailed manufacturer information (customizable fields) and upload manufacturer logo images
  • Product inquiry contact form
  • General contact form

New language packs

  • Hungarian
  • Slovak

New payment processor integrations

  • MoneyBookers
  • iDEALeasy (ABN-AMRO)
  • VCS (South Africa)

New shopping cart support for database migration

  • Shop-script

Improved customizability

  • Added ability to upload store logo from backend (without having to modify template files)
  • Added ability to easily and completely rebrand a LiveCart installation by changing the software name, powered by notice text, backend logos, options, etc. from the backend settings configuration panel.
  • Added configuration options for customizing invoices without having to edit the invoice template file (for example, to enter the seller contact information)
  • Upload favicon image from backend

Store frontend improvements

  • New store pages
    • alphabetical list of all store categories
    • a list of all products from all categories
    • a list of all manufacturers
  • Improved form interface - required fields are now marked with asterisk in addition to making them bold and error message styling has been improved as well
  • Added ability to make online payments for unpaid (completed via offline payment) or partially paid orders from user account area
  • Display action status messages after adding and removing items from cart
  • Rearranged the login and registration forms in signup and checkout address pages in two columns to improve visibility of the registration form (which was below signup form before)
  • Default theme: added dynamic menu to top level category tabs, which display subcategories on mouse over
  • Added ability for customers to edit their names and company names, as well as custom fields
  • Side menu block for latest news
  • Display manufacturer information in category page
  • Added a separate template file for entering offline payment instructions

Store backend improvements

  • Ability to copy/duplicate products
  • Data grid date filtering (preselected intervals, custom date ranges not implemented yet)
  • In some sections less used tabs can be hidden
  • Tabs for certain languages can now easily be added and removed from language forms without having to remove the language itself
  • An enlargeble product thumbnail image is displayed in order product list in backend
  • Large CSV file imports can now be completed successfully even if there are web server level (for example, Apache) script execution timeouts imposed. In case a timeout is detected, the import routine is automatically called again to resume the import.
  • When importing a CSV file, the name of the currently imported product is displayed below the import progress bar
  • Added possibility to save a template file for a specific theme only
  • Image size configuration section in backend has been made a little more compact
  • Multiple visual improvements

Store frontend fixes

  • It was not possible to add the same product to cart multiple times with different options selected
  • It is no longer possible to add a product to cart without selecting a required product option
  • Product options that were set to be not displayed in frontend were still changable by customer after clicking Edit Options link in the shopping basket
  • Fixed presentation of long product option descriptions in product page - they were not wrapped in separate lines causing the layout to break
  • Show an error message in product page when trying to add an unavailable product to cart instead of showing general error page
  • "Add to cart" button is no longer displayed in product pages for those products that cannot be ordered
  • Several frontend pages didn't have the page title included in the <title> tag
  • IE rendering fixes for the default theme
  • Fixed problems with AJAX functionality in frontend in IE 6
  • Fixed a bug that caused offline payment method to be inaccessible in case exactly one external payment method was enabled and credit card payments
  • disabled - checkout was redirecting to the external page automatically skipping payment method selection.
  • Fixed shopping cart page layout in default template when there are no items in cart
  • Order transaction amount was not properly rounded (more than 2 decimal signs left) before passing it to payment processor in case the store currency was not supported by the payment processor and the amount had to be converted

Store backend fixes

  • Product CSV export did not work
  • CSV export of large data sets could sometimes run out of memory - now there's no limit on exportable data set size
  • Some backend functionality did not work on IIS servers
  • External product image import from CSV did not work on some servers
  • Category level product options were not editable for ordered products that didn't have any options selected by customer
  • Fixed template editor problems in Firefox 3
  • Language translations were not editable for product files
  • The first record of a CSV file was imported as a product even if it was set as a header row
  • Fixed JavaScript error when saving product prices with Firefox 3
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom created template files go blank after saving them, in case they were not located in the template root directory

System fixes

  • Proper handling of inventory stock amounts
  • Orders are now marked as not paid after voiding transactions
  • Fixed a bug that caused order totals to be calculated incorrectly if the base currency exchange rates were other than 1.00 or 0 (i.e., the default
  • currency was changed)
  • Layout manipulation from INI files was not working properly
  • Made Authorize.net payment module work correctly with Quantum Gateway and probably other Authorize.net compatible payment processors as well

System improvements

  • https URL's can now point not only to different domains, but different directories as well
  • Added Canadian provinces to predefined state/region list
  • Custom routing rule files can be loaded from storage/configuration/route directory
  • Theme inheritance configuration file can also be located in the storage/customize/view directory

Internal changes

  • Migrated unit test classes from SimpleTest to PHPUnit