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LiveCart 1.2.2 released!

17 January 2009

It seems that the previous version of LiveCart was released just yesterday, but time flies fast and we have already prepared a new one already.

As always, there are many useful improvements. The central feature of the new, 1.2.2 release is the ability to modify CSS styling directly from Firebug (a popular Firefox extension for web developers). Most developers (or simply users with some CSS knowledge) use Firebug for testing quick CSS changes before applying to their style sheets. With this release we have gone one step further and cut a number of steps out of this process - the CSS changes made from Firebug can be automatically saved to a CSS file with a single click of a mouse, which really couldn't get easier than that. We have also reworked the Live Customization mode to introduce a menu, which allows to quickly switch between different customization tools (CSS, template and translation editors).

Another important addition is reports and statistics, which allow to analyze store activity like sales and cart conversions. Also, the backend area interface has become lighter and clearer. There are, of course, more changes than that - please read the change log below to learn about them. 

Special upgrade instructions

Upgrading version 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 is slightly different from the usual upgrade process. The exception is that after uploading update files, the database schema update file must be imported into database manually. It can be done by importing the /update/1.2.2/update.sql file into your LiveCart database from phpMyAdmin, command line or your favorite database administration tool.

LiveCart 1.2.2 change log

Major new features

  • CSS styling can be edited and saved directly from Firebug, which allows to build CSS styling in real-time WYSIWYG mode
  • 20 customizable store activity reports and charts: sales activity, conversion analysis, best-selling item report, customer data analysis and top search query reports
  • Revamped backend area design
  • HTML e-mail support
  • Improved Live Customization mode interface to allow easy switching between customization tools

New translations

  • Thai

General improvements

  • Substantial general performance improvements
  • Added ability to limit the number of uses for discount coupons - either by number of overall uses or uses per customer
  • Added ability to assign custom fields to customer addresses

E-mail improvements

  • All messages can be sent as HTML as well as plain text
  • Separate message body template fields for HTML and plain text message versions
  • HTML e-mail message CSS styling can be edited from CSS editor
  • Message blocks (product tables, etc.) are now editable from backend

Frontend improvements

  • Added checkout configuration option to skip payment method selection if only one external payment method is available, and redirect to it automatically
  • Added configuration option for including products from subcategories in the category product list
  • Added ability to set different page titles for product and category pages by overriding their names to improve SEO
  • Added configuration option for displaying category descriptions in store pages
  • Useful improvement for multi-language stores - customer's language is now being recorded and system emails are sent in customer's prefered language instead of system's default language or administrator's current language

Backend improvements

  • Notification e-mail messages can now be sent to multiple e-mail addresses, by separating them with comma when entering in LiveCart settings
  • Order, user and manufacturer data grids in backend now have columns for custom field data, which are also sortable and filterable (with the exception of multiple select value fields)
  • Order list grid now contains columns for shipping address fields as well (country, state, city, street address, etc.)
  • Detailed product export now exports parent product SKU for product variations, making it possible to import the resulting CSV file
  • Category description input field is now formattable
  • It is possible to change ordered product variation from backend
  • Added recipient first and last name columns to order grid

System fixes

  • Applying a pricing rule discount action to matched items only did not work properly, as it applied the action to all items in the order instead
  • Fixed gzip encoding issues when gzip encoding was forced from php.ini
  • Large images couldn't be uploaded if the PHP memory_limit setting value was too low

Frontend fixes

  • Order confirmation emails were not sent to customer if the payment was made using Paypal Website Payments Standard or 2CheckOut
  • Fixed a potential duplicate content issue with multilanguage stores - the category and product names used in URL's are now always taken from the language of the target URL, instead of using the name of the currently active language in URL's for all languages (this mostly applies to language switch menu)
  • Reorder functionality had various quirks
  • Fixed minor presentation problems with unordered and ordered lists in product descriptions and site news posts
  • In case there were multiple rates of the same tax applied to the same order (for example, different tax rate for shipping costs), the tax amount for each rate was displayed separately in order invoices
  • The ordered product prices that were adjusted by pricing rules are now being displayed correctly in order invoices

Backend fixes

  • Copying products sometimes did not work properly
  • Language file export did not work
  • Product bundle management did not work
  • It is now possible to add the same product with different options to order from backend as well
  • It's no longer necessary to enter shipping/billing addresses for a customer before creating a new order from backend - the address information can now be entered at any time
  • Order status change notification email messages are no longer sent if the order status doesn't actually change after changing order statuses using the mass action (for example, if an already shipped order was marked as shipped again)

Module fixes

  • First Class mail international shipping option was not available in USPS rate calculator module