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LiveCart released

5 August 2011

Here comes the long-awaited maintainance bug-fix release for the 1.4.0 series.

Update instructions

This release includes a new update manager, which will provide automated updates for future releases, however this release still has to be applied manually:

  1. Make sure you have 1.4.0 version installed (upgrade before, if necessary)
  2. Download the update package from here
  3. Extract the archive and upload the files to your web server overwriting the current files
  4. Empty the /cache directory

LiveCart Change Log

Released under Open Source License (v3)

More information available here

New update system/module manager

Detailed overview of the update/module manager is available here

One page checkout fixes

  • More flexibility for moving the checkout page items around (Javascript does not break so easily)
  • For unregistered users the tax amount disappeared from total upon selecting the payment method
  • When reloading the page as unregistered user, the state list was loaded for the default system country instead of the selected country
  • Various other bugfixes for orders placed by unregistered customers
  • One page checkout page was not using SSL
  • Block placeholders did not work in one page checkout and possibly some other pages
  • Shipping method is auto-selected in one page checkout if there's only one shipping method available

Regular checkout fixes

  • Different billing and shipping addresses could not be used by a new customer when using regular checkout

Order related fixes

  • Order discounts and surcharges are now included in the order email messages
  • Product option price was counted twice for completed orders
  • Displayed tax amounts were incorrect if 2 or more taxes were applied to order
  • If the same tax has different rates applicable within the same order, they are now displayed separately in the tax summary list
  • Fixed offline credit card payment validation
  • Fixed order history errors

Other frontend fixes

  • Fixed "sticky" status/error messages that occassionally would not go away from store pages after being displayed once
  • Product sorting by sales rank now actually works
  • Meta tag formatting cleanup
  • Multi-select filtering fixes

Backend fixes

  • Shipping Rates UI impovements - sorting, visible range start, custom value for first range start.
  • Email template editing
  • Some product variation types were not translateable
  • Changing offline payment method for completed order in backend did not work
  • Order details were not fully loaded in backend management tab
  • Fixes various compatibility issues with Opera and Google Chrome

Other fixes

  • User information sometimes was empty in email messages
  • Allow including elements in TinyMCE
  • Avoid race conditions when reading a config file that is being written at the same time, which could otherwise lead to a complete reset of configuration values
  • + many other minor/internal fixes