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LiveCart released

31 October 2011

This is another round of bug fixes for the 1.4.0 branch of LiveCart.

Update instructions

Updating using the update manager would be most convenient - just click the Modules and Updates link at the top of your LiveCart backend pages. For this you need to have version installed.

If, for some reason, the update manager does not work for you, it's possible to upgrade manually. If you have version, you can use the incremental update package. Updating from 1.4.0 requires either an intermediate upgrade to or using the full installation package. Instructions for the manual upgrade can be found here.

LiveCart Change Log

One page checkout fixes:

  • Payment method selection is remembered in case there's something wrong with the payment detail input and the customer is redirected back to payment page. Also the page automatically scrolls down to payment form, so the customer could instantly see the error message and make the necessary input corrections
  • Minor layout fix
  • One page checkout Javascript was hanging in some cases

Frontend fixes:

  • Page URL handles/slugs are no longer URL-encoded, so it is now possible to use Unicode text in URLs as well
  • Fixed meta description trimming (up to 160 characters) for multi-byte languages
  • Copy/pasted passwords from the password reminder email were not accepted, as they contained trailing whitespace
  • Auto-loading of module specific CSS files (for example, Frontend.css) did not work if any style property delete rules within the particular file were defined for the current theme
  • CSS saving in Live Customization did not work if there were any CSS files loaded from external servers present within the page
  • Minor tax calculation fix

Backend fixes:

  • CSV product import may now change the product category
  • Fixed related product (cross/up-sell) reordering
  • Product attribute values were not saved correctly for formatted text fields
  • When creating an order from backend, newly added products were placed in separate shipments
  • Changing product options for completed order in backend correctly updates the item and order totals
  • Changing an ordered product variation from backend did not automatically update the item price and order total
  • Unlimited inventory setting for individual products did not work
  • Avoid PHP error notices within order history if order addresses were not specified
  • Module manager no longer clears the entire cache every time it's used. This also fixed various PHP warning messages related to unexisting cache files
  • Minor fix with displaying information messages in backend
  • Minor data grid layout corrections
  • Minor fix with loading product's group/quantity price rules
  • Fixed progress indicator handling for product selector popup in backend
  • Fixed AJAX indicator appearance
  • Minor quantity price handling fix

Other/internal fixes:

  • Avoid reloading EAV data for objects that have already loaded it
  • Fixed CustomerOrder::setTaxZone()
  • Allow to set custom ordered product prices before finalizing order
  • Demo database import script will not terminate on SQL error (sometimes useful when fixing broken databases)
  • It's now possible to provide a default text field value from templates
  • Module repositories now work on the standard http port (80) as well
  • Performance improvement for SessionOrder::getOrder() calls
  • Set a 5 second connection timeout when LiveCart downloads any http resources from external servers (module repositories, etc.) to avoid hanging the server thread if the resource is not accessible