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LiveCart is live!

13 October 2007

The first version of LiveCart finally sees the light of the day! It has taken us lots of pizza and countless hours of planning, designing, programming, debugging, testing, improving, optimizing and documenting LiveCart and we are very proud to present our view and implementation of the next generation shopping cart system.

LiveCart is truly unique in a number of ways. We have paid a lot of attention to provide improved usability - both for customers and store administrators. The layered product navigation allows customers to select products by their attributes (features) - rather than deep category structures. The clever use of AJAX makes store administration more simple and effective than ever imaginable before. Multiple languages and currencies are supported at the same store, so you can target multiple markets at once. Of course, we also didn't forget about our fellow developers, so we built LiveCart on a very strong and flexible architecture, which makes it very easy to extend and customize the store without touching the existing code, allowing to keep customizations intact among version updates.

This just barely scratches the surface on what LiveCart has to offer. To get a better idea on LiveCart feature set, you may start with the Tour section. Of course, LiveCart may miss some useful features that other shopping carts have to offer, but it's only the first release and we plan to catch up fast!

We are very excited to release our work, which we hope will make at least a small revolution in the shopping cart solutions market.

Oh, and the first 100 license owners will enjoy special introductory pricing - only $199 per license, including full lifetime ownership and updates!