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LiveCart version 1.0.1 released

25 October 2007

Almost two weeks have passed since the release of the first version of LiveCart. There has been significant interest and the amount of visitors of our website has far exceeded our expectations. We have heard a lot of good words about our work and we certainly appreciate them!

The question that we have to answer most often - is LiveCart still in beta stage or is it ready for prime time? This is understandable, considering the ship early philosophy that is all the rage in these Web 2.0 days, when the internet is flooded with promising alpha stage applications. On the contrary, we decided to take a different route and only release the application when it will be completely ready for production use. It took us a long time to iron out all the issues and complete all necessary functionality (the actual beta period stretched for more than 4 months!), but it was certainly worth the wait.

So our answer is - LiveCart is ready for use in production environment.

This was largerly proven by the small amount of bugs that were detected since the release of the first version. The found bugs were mostly minor glithces or interface quirks. This release deals with those issues and provides a couple of additional improvements.

The few brave people who purchased the first version can download the update from their livecart.com client account area.

LiveCart 1.0.1 change log (24.10.2007.)

Frontend Fixes:

  • Fixed the problem with only the first search results page working (search query was dropped when going to subsequent result pages)
  • Price filters without a name were still displayed in frontend
  • Resolved XHTML and CSS validation issues
  • Fixed Opera quirks
  • Removed dependency for PHP's SOAP extension for the Paypal Website Payments Standard module

Backend fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when adding a new user account from backend
  • Fixed problems with managing PayPal Website Payments Standard and 2CheckOut transactions in admin backend
  • Fixed a bug that prevented mass actions to be applied for orders when the filter list was filtered by customer name
  • Fixed a bug that caused shipment subtotal to be displayed as 0.00 for new orders until any changes were made to that shipment
  • Fixed some minor data grid interface issues
  • Data grid default sort order changed to display the newest records (orders, products, users) first
  • Attributes tab was not functioning correctly in case only one language was installed
  • Live translation didn't work when other currency than main was active
  • Do not allow to remove Administrators user group
  • Category selection popup window for moving products didn't open correctly in some cases
  • Order wasn't marked as paid after adding payment manually from backend area
  • Also fixed several backend interface quirks and inconsistencies
  • Public access to application directories is forbidden (applies when the application code is placed in publicly accessible directory)


  • E-mail template editor (multi-language support)


  • LiveCart now works with mod_rewrite disabled as well (and also with other web servers, like IIS, etc.)
  • Backend Javascript and CSS stylesheet files are glued together to make them load faster (less requests to make)
  • Added new user permissions for saving user group permissions and saving templates
  • Added /admin URL alias for accessing the backend
  • Added ability to export translated language files
  • Default store frontend layout is now 100% height
  • Translation editor improvements


  • Added Latvian and Lithuanian translations