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LiveCart version 1.1.1 released

16 March 2008

The headline addition of the new 1.1.1 version is the product options. Product options allow the customer to configure/personalize products or sell different varieties of the same product without a need to create a new product for each variety. Of course, each option can have it's own price (surcharge to the base product price).

There are 3 types of product options:

  • checkbox - the yes or no option, which can be used, for example, for selecting gift wrapping.
  • select box - select one option from multiple options. This one is useful for products that come in different varieties (sizes, colors, etc.)
  • text entry - a feature that very few shopping carts support. Customer can enter his/her own text in predefined fields, which would work great for custom made products like t-shirts with custom printing.

Of course, there are even more additions, for example, we have a very nice new default design. Please read the changelog below for a full list of changes.

LiveCart version 1.1.1 changelog

Major additions:

  • Product options - now it is possible to sell configurable products with various types of options, for example, clothing with different sizes, "buildable" products (like custom PC's), etc.
  • New default design theme
  • Full support for Google Analytics, including the order detail tracking
  • Ability to set individual design theme for each product and category from backend
  • Added support for XML sitemaps (allows faster page indexing at Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

New translations:

  • French
  • Spanish

Payment gateway integrations:

Front-end improvements:

  • Added a new layout block ROOT_CATEGORY which is intended for displaying the main categories of the store as tabs

Back-end improvements:

  • Added warning message before changing the store base currency in backend (the prices are set to 0 unless they were previously entered in the new base currency)
  • Added "save and add another product" button to the product creation form at backend. Previously there were 2 radio buttons to determine the action after a product is added - now it's simply 2 save buttons.
  • Set design themes for multiple products via mass action
  • Updated TinyMCE library (WYSIWYG editor) to version 3.0.3 - the editor should now work and load slightly faster

System improvements:

  • Ability to change design theme from layout configuration
  • Some database query optimization
  • E-mail template structure optimization

System fixes:

  • Fixed a bug which prevented LiveCart to work when there was a dot in installation directory path (for example, /home/sites/mysite.com)

Front-end fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused PHP error when trying to apply manufacturer filter from store home page (in some cases)
  • Fixed occasional problems with loading of customized templates
  • Error pages (like error 404) now issue a proper HTTP status header

Back-end fixes:

  • Languages can now be activated immediately after they are added, without the need to reload the backend page
  • Fixed occassional problems with translation search

Installer fixes:

  • Allow to install LiveCart with PHP's MySQL extension as well (instead of only mysqli)


  • "default" theme renamed to "light"
  • Theme "none" renamed to "barebone"