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Minor bugfix update for version 1.2.0

21 September 2008

This is a very minor patch update that only includes fixes for bugs that were discovered since the release of version 1.2.0.

Update instructions

From version 1.2.0: this update doesn't have a separate patch file, so to bring your current 1.2.0 installation up to date, please upload the files from 1.1.3-to-1.2.0 update package. Do not import the database schema update file as there are no schema changes in this update.

From version 1.1.3: Download the 1.1.3-to-1.1.2 update package and proceed with the update as described here.

What's fixed

  • The default theme layout was broken in IE if there were any static pages displayed in the information menu
  • Quantity based discounts were not available for customers belonging to other user groups than the default group, if the quantity prices were only defined for the default group
  • Instead of applying discounts from pricing rules to selected custom items only, the discount was applied to all items in the cart
  • Ordered product list was not displayed in order confirmation emails
  • Improved backend tab presentation and moved the "more tabs" selector to the left to improve its visibility
  • Backend order products tab did not open if there were downloadable products in the order
  • Sometimes orders with "New" status were not visible in order list in backend when filtering the orders by status
  • Saving/opening/sending newsletters did not work
  • CSV files got imported twice on some servers
  • Display theme can now be configured from block.ini
  • Fixed minor bugs with discount price presentation
  • Fixed minor bugs with pricing rule management
  • A few more minor bugfixes and interface tweaks