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New license options available

11 December 2008

In an effort to make LiveCart more affordable, we're introducing two additional license types - branded license and encoded license. There are no differences in functionality among the licenses, however the usage restrictions are different.

Unbranded license

This is the same license that was already available before. It comes with the full PHP source code and allows full rebranding of both store frontend and backend. The license price remains the same - $249 per license. All the existing licenses have been switched to unbranded automatically.

Branded license

The branded license comes with full source code as well, but it doesn't allow to remove the copyright messages from store frontend and backend. However, the license price is lower by $50 and one license costs $199.

Encoded license

The encoded license also requires to retain the copyright messages in all places and, in addition to that, all PHP files are encoded, therefore making the source code unavailable for modifications. The page templates and CSS files still remain editable, so the page design can be changed the same way as for the other two licenses, but changing the underlying functionality is only possible through plugins. The encoded license costs even less - only $169 per license.


The cheapest - Encoded - license is suitable for stores, which do not require big changes in the store functionality and do not have a problem to leave "Powered by LiveCart" notices in store pages.

The Branded license allows to modify the source code, but still requires to leave the copyright notices.

The Unbranded license gives the most freedom - you can change the LiveCart branding to your own both in store frontend and backend and make it appear like your own solution.

License type PHP
source code
No copyright
messages required
Complete private
label solution
Unbranded with source      
Branded with source      
Branded without source