Special Offer

Private hosted trials

29 March 2008

Today we're launching a new option for trying out LiveCart - the private hosted trials. In essence they are the same demo sites but for your own individual testing - nobody else apart you will be able to access the backend. Each demo site is completely dedicated for your use only.

It was already possible to download a trial version to install on your own server, but now we have made this even more easier. You won't even have to download and install anything to try out LiveCart.

The private trials are hosted on our servers and can be set up instantly. The only thing that is required from you is to fill out a short form and your private demo will be online within a minute. And, yes, completely free of charge.

If you only wish to take a quick look at LiveCart, the fronted demo and backend demo sites are still there. But if you would like to do some serious testing, we suggest to use one of the two trial options.