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Roadmap to LiveCart 2

3 November 2011

LiveCart is a nice system, but time does not stand still and a major overhaul is due. Users have voiced  various common gripes over the years, there are known issues functionality and usability wise. It's also necessary to make the default setup more modern and up-to-date. And quite a few internal things would benefit from an overhaul as well.

So, let's start planning a new major version. This is not going to be a total rewrite or anything like that. Most major things and core architecture are good enough, but there are plenty of things that could benefit from an overhaul.

The initial draft of the roadmap is available here. Comments are appreciated and you're welcome to vote for your favorite features at the LiveCart idea portal (or suggest your own ideas that are not listed in the document).

The document will be gradually updated. It will probably take about a month until the requirement set for LiveCart 2 is frozen and the implementation begins.