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Status update for the upcoming release

1 August 2009

It has been a while since the last update of LiveCart and any news about its development and upcoming features. The work on the new version is still continuing, however it is approaching its final stage. A beta version release for the new 1.3.0 version is scheduled for August 15th and the production quality release should be ready by the end of the month.

Some of the main additions for the upcoming release are:

  • The major highlight of this release - the rewritten pricing rule system. The actual prices are displayed in catalog in real time instead of only when a product is added to cart. For example, if a customer group has a global discount of 10% on all products, the discounted prices are displayed in catalog after logging in. The rule system is now modular and easy to extend with custom rules and actions. And the functionality has been extended with more built-in rules and actions, for example, an ability to create rules based on customer's past orders.
  • Module system with multiple free and commercial modules coming up shortly after the release. Some of these modules are: banner ads manager, CAPTCHA security image for forms, customer e-mail subscription to new product notifications, reward points and multiple warehouses. More modules will become available in near future. This feature will also make it easier for other companies/developers to offer their LiveCart extensions.
  • Shipping cost estimation in shopping cart page
  • Shipping and tax classes (custom shipping and tax rates for certain groups of products)
  • Price customization options - ability to configure custom rounding and trimming rules for product prices
  • Support for Google Base, UPS and several new payment processors
  • Customer file uploads
  • Product comparison
  • Product list can be displayed as table in store frontend with sortable attribute columns
  • Custom order number schemes
  • Theme manager
  • Improved update manager
  • Some AJAX functionality introduced for store frontend
  • Many other improvements, new features and bug fixes

The list only includes the main features for the next release. The full list will become available by the time of the beta release.