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Commercial Support Plans

There are three levels of commercial support available for LiveCart. A quick summary displaying the differences between them is displayed in the table below:

Support Plan Guaranteed Response Time Support Ticket System Skype Telephone Bug Fixes
Standard 48 hours Yes - - -
Priority 24 hours Yes Yes - -
Express 24 hrs /
1-4 hrs within business hours
Yes Yes Yes Yes

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Definitions and Policies

Guaranteed response time means the maximum response time to the initial question or incident report. The real response time depends on our work load, but in most cases it would be faster than the guaranteed time. Subsequent messages - if one reply is not enough to clear up the question or resolve the incident - are usually sent faster as well.

Support ticket system allows to easily keep track of active questions and e-mail can be used to intiate a new ticket or add a reply to existing one.

Skype support (or other live chat systems possibly to be added in future) is available in chat mode only (no voice or video). Immediate response is not always guaranteed. 1 incident covers up to 10 minutes of Skype support time.

Phone support cannot be used to provide technical advice. Immediate response is not always guaranteed, but usually available within business hours. 1 incident covers up to 5 minutes of phone support time.

One incident is equivalent to one support ticket. One support ticket can only include one question/problem, but related problems or more than one short questions are usually fine with us. If necessary, we will split the questions into multiple tickets. Each support plan comes with a fixed quantity of included incidents. Unused incidents cannot be carried over to the next support term. If you have used all the allocated support before the end of the support term and further support is necessary, you can purchase one of the support plans again.

Business hours are defined as 9:30am until 17:30pm (GMT +2). Support tickets and Skype support is often provided - but not guaranteed - outside the business hours as well.

Bug fixes are only expedited for the customers using the Express support plan. Everyone can submit bug reports, even the free Community license users, but the bugs reported by Express plan users will receive priority attention.


Support Plan Support Period Length Max Number of Incidents Price
Standard 1 month unlimited €99
Standard 1 year 10 €99
Standard 2 years 25 €199
Standard 3 years 100 €599
Priority 1 year 10 €199
Priority 2 years 30 €399
Priority 3 years 100 €999
Express 1 year 15 €399
Express 2 years 35 €799
Express 3 years 120 €1999

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